Woman who zips boyfriend up in suitcase claims self-defense against domestic violence

A woman in Florida is preparing to stand trial on charges of second-degree murder. She is accused of putting her boyfriend in a suitcase, filming his cries for help, and then leaving him to die.

In February 2020, 42-year-old Sarah Boone called the police and reported that her boyfriend Jorge Torres Jr. had died at her home in Winter Park, north of Orlando.

The arrest statement said Ms Boone said they had been drinking the night before and thought it would be funny if Torres, 42, climbed into the suitcase while playing hide and seek.

She is said to have said she put Torres in a suitcase and zipped it up before going upstairs to sleep. The next morning she found him still in the bag, but he still didn’t move.

Investigators arrested and charged Ms Boone after they found her story didn’t match video evidence found on her phone, which allegedly showed Torres screaming and saying he couldn’t breathe while trying to get out of a suitcase.

In affidavits, deputies said they heard Ms Boone laughing in the video.

“This is how I feel when you cheat on me,” she said.

Miss Boone didn’t ask for a new lawyer

Ms. Boone is now preparing for her preliminary hearing later this month. Her lawyer said that he plans to use the protection of the battered spouse.

Mark Nejaim, a criminal defense attorney, told NewsNation that if Boone’s defense team chooses the path of a battered spouse, they will have a “hard road ahead.”

“Florida recognizes Battered Woman Syndrome or Battered Spouse Syndrome, I have to say. As a rule, the victim in such matters is a woman, but you have to really show that it is permanent, that it continues, that it has escalated, ”he added.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Fox 35 reports that in January 2021, Ms. Boone sent a letter to the judge about the case. In it, she listed a number of problems, such as not getting enough information from the judge or her lawyer. But records found online show she didn’t ask for a new lawyer.

A two-minute video found on Ms Boon’s phone allegedly shows the suitcase face down and her words: “For everything you’ve done to me. Yes, you went. Silly,” reports the Daily Mail.

The guy called her name and said: “I can’t fucking breathe.”

She said, “Yeah, that’s what you do when you choke me.

“It’s on youshe said to Torres when he said he couldn’t breathe. Oh, that’s how I feel when you lie to me. You should probably shut up.

22 second video shows it all

Woman who zips boyfriend up in suitcase claims self-defense against domestic violence

The second, 22-second video, shows Torres calling Ms. Boone’s name while the suitcase is now turned face up.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Mrs. Boone called 911 and said: “My boyfriend is dead.”

“My boyfriend and I were playing last night and I put him in my suitcase. We kind of played hide and seek, so I fell asleep, and when I woke up, he was dead in the suitcase. She said, “I don’t know what went wrong.”

She also said that “Blood was coming out of my mouth.”

She said, “He’s tough and purple.”

She told The Mail that she thought Torres would be able to climb out of the suitcase and join her in bed.

She called her ex-husband when she found Torres not answering in the suitcase. When he got home, he told her to call 911.

Ms. Boone told the police that she did not remember making the video, but that they “looked bad.”

The Mail reports that after she said they weren’t drunk on the wine, she changed her story and said the alcohol was to blame.

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Miss Boone was arrested in 2018.

In June 2018, Ms. Boone was arrested for strangling Torres, which is a form of battery. Torres was also charged with battery after an incident at the house.

The affidavit states that Torres told the MP that Ms. Boone had her arms around his neck and tried to choke him as he went upstairs to get away from her after an argument, which resulted in him kicking her.

A year later, Ms. Boone was arrested twice in the same number of months on charges of date violence.

Torres’ death notice states that he had three children. The Mail reports that Miss Boone has a child from her first marriage.

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