Woman Causes Scene at San Diego Mexican Restaurant, Video Goes Viral

In a disturbing incident, a video that has gone viral on social media shows a customer engaging in a verbal altercation with a female employee at a taco shop in San Diego. The incident, which has been dubbed the \”Taco Shop Karen\”, has ignited a flurry of skepticism and anger across the net.

The interaction took place at Lucha Libre Taco Shop, located at 1810 Washington Street in San Diego’s Middletown neighborhood. The video, initially posted on TikTok by user @brendapena783, has since received hundreds of thousands of views on various social media platforms.

The irate female customer can be heard screaming at the employee, using profanity and derogatory language. She demanded a receipt from the employee and attempted to physically grab it from her hands. The video starts in the middle of the argument and ends when the employee threatens to call the police and requests that the customer depart the store.

According to an allegedly connected Yelp review posted by the customer’s alleged spouse, a Lucha Libre employee overcharged the customer and used her credit card to make purchases. She was, according to the same review, provoked and treated unfairly. A review of Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop’s Yelp page reveals that numerous clients have complained in the past about the restaurant overcharging.

The employee has since taken to social media to provide her account of the incident. She claimed that the paper the client was trying to snatch was actually the customer’s internal order receipt. The customer had already been provided with an emailed and/or text message copy of her actual receipt, which the employee had explained. The employee further claims that the customer only returned a portion of the original order when demanding a full refund.

Internet sleuth @thatdaneshguy has since identified the customer, who has since deleted or deactivated her social media accounts. The incident has sparked a debate about how customers should conduct themselves in public and how businesses may better handle such incidents, regardless of who is at conflict.

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