Woman apprehended 4 months post horrific dog assault, leaving man legless

A 76-year-old man, Max De Los Santos, had to undergo a devastating amputation of his legs, according to his loved ones. This incident occurred as a result of a dog attack, and nearly four months later, the woman responsible for the dogs has been arrested by the police. The arrest of Danielle Henderson, 32, took place after a grand jury indicted her on a felony charge of dangerous dog attack causing serious bodily injury. Beatrice De Los Santos, Max’s wife, expressed her gratitude for the attorneys, professionals, and community members who supported them throughout this ordeal.

On August 16, in the 7400 block of Fieldgate Drive, Max De Los Santos was viciously mauled by two Staffordshire Terriers in his own yard. Thanks to the quick intervention of a neighbor, Max’s life was saved, but unfortunately, his legs could not be salvaged. Beatrice De Los Santos recalled Max’s words, saying, “This is the most alert Max has been in four months… He looked at me and said, ‘Do you understand how awkward it is to not feel your feet touching the floor?'” These words paint a picture of the physical and emotional pain Max has endured.

Danielle Henderson was taken into custody by the authorities on December 6. Beatrice expressed her belief that there will never be true justice for the chaos and suffering her family has experienced. However, she finds some solace in knowing that the legal system acknowledges that this incident should never have happened. Beatrice is now determined to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future, advocating for more responsible actions from community members and leaders. She believes that dog owners of certain breeds should undergo training and yearly reviews to ensure the safety of others.

Although Henderson was initially booked on a $25,000 bond, recent court records indicate that she has since been released on bond. This development raises concerns about the potential risk she may pose to the community. The case is ongoing, and the legal system will determine the appropriate course of action.

In conclusion, this tragic incident involving a dog attack has left Max De Los Santos without his legs and his family deeply affected. The arrest of Danielle Henderson provides some sense of accountability, but it cannot undo the damage that has been done. Beatrice De Los Santos is now focused on preventing similar incidents and advocating for greater responsibility among dog owners. As this case continues to unfold, the community awaits justice and hopes for a safer future.

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