Woman aims to honor mother’s cancer battle by running Boston Marathon.

RIVIERA BEACH — In an extraordinary display of love and determination, a Palm Beach County resident is embarking on a challenging journey to honor her mother’s battle with lung cancer. Kate Bell, a resident of Riviera Beach, has made the bold decision to participate in the upcoming Boston Marathon, scheduled for April 15.

The inspiration behind this remarkable endeavor stems from Kate’s deep affection for her mother, Isabelle, who has been courageously fighting lung cancer since 2019. While Kate independently conceived the idea, the final obstacle she faces is raising funds to secure her place on the Dana Farber Cancer Institute Team, a cause she holds close to her heart.

With less than 90 days remaining, Kate Bell is fervently seeking donations that will directly contribute to her participation in the race as well as cancer research. The urgency of this critical mission underscores the pressing need for financial support.

Expressing her profound gratitude, Isabelle Bell, Kate’s mother, wholeheartedly embraces the prospect of her daughter running in her honor. Isabelle emphasizes the significance of cancer research, a cause that often goes unrecognized until it personally affects someone’s life. She eagerly anticipates assuming the role of her daughter’s biggest cheerleader on the day of the marathon, reciprocating the unwavering support Kate has provided throughout her own battle.

Although Kate has made commendable progress in her fundraising endeavors, she is currently a third of the way towards her ambitious goal of $10,000. The deadline for contributions is March 31, adding an additional sense of urgency to the campaign.

For those interested in extending a helping hand, further information regarding donations and support can be found on Kate Bell’s dedicated fundraising page. Together, we can empower Kate to not only conquer the challenges of the Boston Marathon but also contribute to the advancement of cancer research, offering hope to countless individuals affected by this devastating disease.

It is through the collective efforts of compassionate individuals that groundbreaking progress can be achieved in the fight against cancer. Kate Bell exemplifies the spirit of determination and selflessness that inspires us all to make a difference. Let us rally behind her as she embarks on this arduous yet profoundly meaningful journey, proving that love and determination can conquer even the most formidable obstacles.

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