Winter storms in California cause landslides, heavy snow forecast

In recent days, powerful storms have hit California, causing landslides that damaged homes. Heavy snowfall, strong winds and rain since Feb. 24 toppled trees and power lines across the state, leaving more than 120,000 people without power.

Blocked mountain roads mean people living in San Bernardino County, southern California, are stranded with depleted food and fuel supplies, leading to the declaration of a local emergency. So far, no deaths or injuries have been reported from the hurricane, although at least 22 people died as a result of the hurricane weathered by California in January.

The storm is causing “extremely dangerous or impossible driving conditions” and “widespread road closures and impacts on infrastructure”. This is stated in a tweet from the US National Weather Service..

He also broke several records. On February 24, temperatures in San Francisco dropped to 4 °C (39 °F), the lowest level in 132 years. Meanwhile, Los Angeles International Airport received a record 52 millimeters of rain on February 25. The National Weather Service in San Diego, southern California, issued a blizzard warning for the first time.

Heavy snow is forecast for the next few days in northern California, where the National Weather Service predicts it will accumulate at a rate of 51mm per hour with wind gusts up to 97 kilometers per hour.

Prior to this latest storm, the state had already experienced an unusually cold and rainy winter, which had already caused flooding and mudslides.

One of the benefits of gloomy weather is that it can help ease the drought California is experiencing, said Samantha Connolly of the National Weather Service. Scientific American. Reservoirs have been replenished, although groundwater supplies remain low.


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