“Wind Turbine Projects Off LBI Shores: Evaluating Promises vs Realities to Safeguard LBI”

Barnegat Light, New Jersey – On August 28, 2023, an enlightening event titled “Promises and Realities – Wind Turbine Projects Off LBI Shores” was organized by Save LBI.org at the Bay Breeze Park Pavilion. The gathering aimed to discuss the potential ramifications of the proposed wind project and explore alternative renewable energy options. Distinguished speakers at the event included Kirk Larson, the Mayor of Barnegat Light, Craig Osten from SaveBLI, Jim Gutowski representing A Fisherman’s Perspective, and renowned attorneys Chris Placitella and Thomas Stavola. Bob Stern, Ph.D., the President of Save Long Beach Island, Inc., also presented his views. Save LBI, a non-profit and non-partisan organization, is actively engaged in safeguarding Long Beach Island and its ocean from the detrimental impacts of the wind project, while advocating for sensible renewable energy alternatives.

During the event, attendees were provided with comprehensive information and an insightful video presentation by Save LBI. The group further displayed striking visuals depicting the enormity of the proposed turbine project. One such image incorporated the developer’s DEIS image of the turbines with additional iconic landmarks, including the Washington DC Monument, Barnegat Lighthouse, and a silhouette of a person standing at the shoreline. This powerful composite image drew attention to the scale and potential visibility of the turbines.

Astonishingly, the proposed wind turbine project along Long Beach Island comprises a staggering number of 357 turbines, standing at an impressive height of 1,047 feet each. Positioned approximately 8-12 miles offshore, this project is anticipated to be the grandest and most conspicuous wind turbine endeavor worldwide. To further illustrate the magnitude of this development, a simulation provided by the project developer in BOEM (DEIS) portrayed the impact of the turbines on Holyoke Ave. in Beach Haven.

The event not only shed light on the promised benefits and potential realities of the wind project but also emphasized the importance of exploring alternative renewable energy solutions. Save LBI’s initiative in hosting such events highlights the community’s commitment to protecting the island from potential environmental and visual disruptions. By advocating for sensible renewable energy alternatives, the organization seeks a balanced approach that harmonizes the need for clean energy sources with the preservation of the island’s natural beauty.

As participants left the event, they were armed with a greater understanding of the proposed wind turbine project and the potential consequences it may have for Long Beach Island. The discourse spurred further conversations and deliberation within the community, demonstrating the importance of such gatherings in fostering informed dialogue. With its proactive stance, Save LBI continues its mission to safeguard the island’s integrity while championing sustainable energy practices that will ensure a vibrant and resilient future for Long Beach Island and its residents.

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