Williamson Co. Deputies Association fundraising for bikes to reward perfect attendance.

Williamson County Deputies Association has joined hands with Purl Elementary School within Georgetown Independent School District (ISD), to reward a bike to each student with perfect attendance. However, to help raise funds for this initiative, the community’s support is needed.

The Purl Elementary School has been grappling with attendance, with the lowest attendance rate in the district. In a bid to motivate students, the Williamson County Deputies Association has come up with the incentive of providing a free bike to each child with perfect attendance.

Charles Duvall, the President of Williamson County Deputies Association, indicated that when they initiated the idea, they anticipated purchasing 40 to 50 bikes for students. Currently, they need at least 178 bikes, a figure that is likely to increase. Deputy Duvall also expressed the desire to fill up the bike racks and ensure every child at Purl Elementary School receives a bike.

Duvall emphasized the importance of keeping students in school, indicating that it develops social skills that better prepare students for adulthood and the workplace. He also pointed out that this initiative is to reward the students’ commitment to education and dedication towards a goal.

To purchase nearly 200 bikes, the Williamson County Deputies Association plans to raise around $20,000. Duvall stated that rewarding kids with bikes before the summer break would motivate them to be outside riding. He encouraged individuals who want to contribute towards the initiative to click on the link provided. The bike distribution is scheduled for May 18, and the rewards will be a reflection of the students’ hard work and dedication.

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