Wildfire threatens 30 structures in Jackson, NJ.

Jackson, New Jersey – On June 6th, 2023, The New Jersey Forest Fire Service gave a report on the significant wildfire burning in the area of East Commodore Boulevard and Cedar Swamp Road in Jackson Twp, Ocean County. The wildfire spans 50 acres and has yet to be contained. It was also reported that approximately 30 structures are currently threatened, however, there are presently no mandatory evacuations.

To prevent the wildfire from spreading further, the Forest Fire Service crews have implemented a backfiring operation to protect surrounding homes and burn fuel ahead of the main body of fire. This operation will continue throughout the night. The Forest Fire Service remains vigilant and hopes to contain the fire between East Commodore Boulevard, Cedar Swamp Road and Jackson Mills Road.

During the wildfire, there have been numerous road closures in the area. The following routes are closed: Exit 21 on Interstate 195, East Commodore Boulevard between Cedar Swamp Road and Jackson Mills Road, Cedar Swamp Road between East Commodore Road and Jackson Mills Road, and finally, Jackson Mills Road is closed between East Commodore Road and Cedar Swamp Road. It is recommended to avoid the area.

Despite the significant impact of this wildfire, local fire companies are providing structure protection to provide security for the 30 structures that are currently threatened. Fortunately, there have been no mandatory evacuations at this time.

Photographs of the wildfire were released by the Forest Fire Service providing insight into the alarming and devastating impact of the wildfire, which are available to view through various media outlets.

The New Jersey Forest Fire Service continues to closely monitor the situation, and updates will be provided as new information becomes available.

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