Widower opens 4 years after his wife was shot while preparing a garage sale at Tomball’s home

Sergio Barrasa said he knows that many people see him as the prime suspect in her death.

HOUSTON. Elizabeth Barraza was shot and killed as she prepared for a garage sale in front of her home in Tomball on January 25, 2019. Now, four years later, those close to her still hope that her killer will someday be found.


Barraza was 29 years old when she was shot in her driveway. Investigators said the killer appeared to be in disguise as they walked down the driveway and shot Liz just after her husband Sergio Barras left for work. The fatal shooting was captured on neighbor’s surveillance video.

The shooter approached Liz and fired three shots. The killer fired another shot after Liz fell to the ground.

“If I had known that this was the last night, I would have done much more,” said Sergio. “I would have kept her longer. I would say so much.”

The video also shows the vehicle in which the shooter fled. It was a black Nissan Frontier truck. The truck can be seen circling the area before and after the shooting.

Despite video evidence, no arrests were made.

“It really made me live in fear just because they didn’t find anyone,” Sergio said.

Liz’s husband

Sergio said he only watched the video once to see if he could identify the killer. He said he knows that many people consider him the prime suspect in her death. Sergio has since remarried but said he still loves Liz.

“I know that I am the prime suspect in the eyes of the people. I know that people immediately say that it was the husband who did it. I understand that, but you must have known Liz and me,” he said. “You should have seen us. I still love her.”

Investigators cleared the couple’s digital footprint and found no reason why anyone would want to harm them. Liz and Sergio were days away from their fifth wedding anniversary celebration in Orlando. They were big fans of Star Wars and Harry Potter.

“Liz was great,” Sergio said. “It was like a fairy tale we had together.”

He cooperates with the police and hopes they can solve her case.

“I don’t know how they will do it, I just hope they do it,” Sergio said.

Sergio still holds the Harry Potter suitcase she packed for their anniversary trip.

“I kept it because it’s her time capsule,” he said.

Sergio said that he and Amber, the woman he married after Liz’s death, share similar life experiences.

“I found Amber… it was about a year and a half after Liz died. Amber lost her sister and we just got back together,” Sergio said. “I didn’t want to give up on life and give up on Liz too. I know she wouldn’t want me to just stop.”

garage sale

Sergio said he thought only a few people knew about the garage sale.

“The only people I know who knew about the garage sale were some of her colleagues, me, her parents and, I think, my mom,” he said.

He said they put up a couple of posters last night.

“We put up the signs the night before. We have placed two signs – one at the entrance to our area and one a little further down the road to Halfsmith Kuykendal,” said Sergio.


Sergio said that he and Amber spoke with investigators many times. They also passed a lie detector test.

“I have always been an open book to the police and I know Amber has been too. We both passed a polygraph test,” he said.

He said they passed the test. They also still take care of “Diesel”, Sergio and Liz’s dog.

He said that Liz’s death is still difficult to understand.

“This makes no sense. It’s like I’m living in a completely different reality than I should have been. I drive past the house from time to time, looking at the life I could have,” he said.

Reporting information

Last January, Crime Stoppers increased their reward to $50,000 for information that leads them to the shooter.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477).

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