Who is Britney Theriot? All the details about Russell Crowe’s girlfriend

Russell Crowe and Britney Theriot have been together since 2020, but they like to keep their romance under wraps.

The Gladiator actor and Theriot are said to have first met in 2013 on the set of Broken City. The Daily Mail published images of the couple kissing and hugging on a tennis court in November 2020, although the couple were not romantically involved until after the photos were taken.

Crowe was previously married to Danielle Spencer from 2003 to 2012. Charles and Tennyson, his sons from a previous marriage, are also his.

Theriot prefers to stay in the background, which is why many of her social media profiles, including Instagram, are closed. However, she is sometimes seen with Crowe.

Theriot and Crowe made their red carpet debut in October 2022 after dating for nearly two years. They went to see Crowe’s Poker Face movie in Rome.

Britney Theriot, the woman who dated Russell Crowe, is detailed here.

Britney Theriot from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Theriot was born and raised in New Orleans. She received her electrical engineering degree from Louisiana State University after graduating from a private all-girls Catholic high school (St. Mary’s Dominican School) in New Orleans.

Britney Theriot – former actress

Theriot, like her famous lover, has an acting talent. She co-starred with Russell Crowe, Mark Wahlberg and Catherine Zeta-Jones in the 2013 film Broken City. It is said that this is where their paths first crossed.

Britney Theriot currently works as a real estate agent.

She retired from the entertainment industry and moved into real estate. Theriot began working as a realtor at Mirambell Realty in Louisiana in October 2017. Theriot was recognized as one of the agency’s top individual producers in February 2019 in a Facebook post.

Britney Theriot has a soft spot for dogs

Even though her Instagram is secret, she has a bio full of doggy emoji that reads “:”. That same year, a picture of a real estate agent and her black and white cat paddling together in a kayak was posted online.

According to images obtained by the Daily Mail from June 2022, Britney was also seen carrying a black and white puppy in a carrier.

Britney Theriot spends time with the Crowe kids

Crowe tweeted a picture he and Theriot took in Rome in July 2022 with their sons Charles and Tennyson and their friends (where he famously filmed Gladiator).

“Take the kids to my former office,” he captioned the photo.

Britney TheriotSource: People

The group also visited the Trevi Fountain and the Sistine Chapel during their stay in Rome.

In addition to Italy, Crow and Theriot also visited other European countries. During their romance, they were spotted in various cities including Saint Tropez, France and Sydney, Australia.

They share a common interest in tennis, and she and Crowe spend most of their time watching and playing the sport.

They are avid tennis players and regularly take to the court together. In November 2020, they were first seen together on the courts, sparking romantic speculation. Since then, they have repeatedly appeared together in tennis photographs in Sydney.

In January 2022, the pair were also spotted at the Australian Open. Ashleigh Barty of Australia and Danielle Collins of the United States battled it out in the women’s singles final.

They were seen again at the Australian Open on 28 January 2023. Yelena Rybakina of Kazakhstan and Arina Sobolenko, competing under a neutral flag, were photographed in the women’s singles final match.

Britney Theriot Crow shares a passion for cycling

They are often seen riding bikes together. The pictures taken in April 2021 show Theriot, Crowe and singer Rita Ora enjoying a bike ride along the Sydney coast.

They went on a bike ride on Valentine’s Day 2022 and the actor was reportedly spotted with her in Dublin, Ireland in August 2022 while filming The Exorcist.

Britney Theriot and Crowe debut on the red carpet

Theriot and Crowe made their first public appearance as a couple on the red carpet at the Rome premiere of Crowe’s “Poker Face” on October 16, 2022. After two years of their relationship, they finally went on their first date.

Theriot wore a black strapless dress just above the knee with matching black shoes, while her beau was in a black suit.

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