While airports in the Fort Worth, Dallas area remain operational, several airlines canceled flights due to winter storm

Fort Worth, Texas – North Texas residents will be highly impacted by the winter storm expected to last for a few days by the end of the week causing disruptions in their everyday lives.

As a result of the winter storm expected to take place in the area, several airlines canceled flights from the North Texas airports.

According to multiple reports, Southwest Airlines canceled all their flights in and out of Dallas Love Field for Thursday.

The company added they are closely monitoring the situation and additional measures might be taken until the end of the week accordingly.

As usual, flight cancelations are real pain for travelers who already had their flights booked days and weeks earlier. One of them is Livia Mehr who was rushing to catch her early Thursday morning flight.

“It’s very worrisome because if I don’t make it on the 4:30 flight then I may be stuck in Dallas,” said traveler Livia Mehr.

Since Southwest canceled all their flights on Thursday and informed their passengers on time, no crowds were seen at the Dallas Love Field.

“I’m glad they were doing things in advance and staying on top of it instead of waiting for the storm to hit and realizing it couldn’t go,” said traveler Joy Moore.

However, the airport remains open because Delta and Alaska Airlines will continue with their few, regular flights in and out of the airport.

Dallas Love Field Spokesman Chris Perry said crews will focus on keeping the one open runway operational.

“Our director made the decision that we will go into our snow and ice prevention plan removal plan,” he said. “Going into Friday as our carriers try to ramp back up, we want to make sure that we’re ready to go.”

The situation at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport seems better since one out of four flights in and one out of seven flights out have been canceled on Thursday.

The biggest operator at DFW Airport is American. It said weather in other parts of the country will also impact its schedule.

Flight cancellations stretch from Texas to Canada. The international concourse is pretty empty.

The best advice of course is to check with your individual carrier before you head out to the airport.

texasstandard.news contributed to this report.

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