West side apartment complex plagued by targeted car burglaries

In the wake of a series of car burglaries, one tenant at a west side apartment complex in San Antonio has taken matters into her own hands in an effort to enhance security. The Alannah at Westover Hills, a gated apartment community located near the intersection of Highway 151 and Loop 1604, has become a target for thieves. On Tuesday alone, two vehicles were burglarized, with one victim managing to catch the criminals in the act, according to the San Antonio Police.

Sonya Morris, a tenant at the complex, expressed her frustration with the lack of action from the apartment management. She believes that the crime at her complex is underreported and that the actual number of incidents would justify additional security measures. Morris, who has lived at the complex for a year and a half, stated, “I just want it to be out there. I want people to know. I’ve asked a couple of people, they’ve had their car broken into. The lady last week had her car stolen.”

Morris has personal experience with car burglaries at the complex. Three months ago, her 2018 Hyundai was targeted by burglars in the parking lot, and her car was ultimately recovered by the police after being abandoned. Just last Thursday, she discovered her rear passenger window smashed and her clothes stolen. Morris has attempted to alert the apartment management about the ongoing issue, but they have refused to install security cameras or even inform residents about the incidents.

KENS 5, a local news outlet, reached out to the apartment management for comment but was directed to Dayrise Residential, the corporate office, which has not responded yet. According to the San Antonio Police, they have been called to the Alannah at Westover Hills seven times for car burglaries since October 1, 2022, with two of those cases occurring on Tuesday.

Morris is determined to raise awareness among potential and current tenants about the extent of the car burglaries at the complex. She plans to gather information from other victims and share it with the community. In her efforts to gather data, Morris intends to put up a sign at the complex, urging individuals whose cars were burglarized to contact her directly.

In response to the overall increase in car burglaries citywide, KENS 5 contacted the San Antonio Apartment Association (SAAA) to inquire about additional security measures being taken at local complexes. In a statement, Kyle Ward, the Executive Director of SAAA, expressed concern about the spike in car burglaries and highlighted the efforts of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee to combat organized crime rings through tactics such as bait cars. Ward also emphasized the importance of residents locking their cars, removing valuables, and being vigilant about suspicious activity.

As the investigation into the car burglaries continues, Morris remains determined to shed light on the issue and ensure the safety of her fellow tenants. The complex management and corporate office have yet to respond to the concerns raised by Morris and the news outlet.

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