Watch – Seven injured when plane hit ‘severe turbulence’: ‘People and food flew’

Seven passengers on a flight to Europe were rushed to hospital late on Wednesday when the plane hit “severe turbulence” that destroyed the aircraft’s cabin.

Lufthansa Flight 469 was en route from Austin, Texas, to Frankfurt, Germany when the incident occurred, according to NBC News.

Turbulence forced the pilots to land the plane at Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C., a spokesman for the Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority explained.

The photo was taken inside the plane shows food trays and trash are strewn all over the floor, and a few passengers are still sitting in their seats.

As a result, the plane landed safely around 21:00 in Washington. It was reported to be over Tennessee when it encountered turbulence, and radar indicated that the aircraft had dropped about 300 feet in the middle of a storm cell. New York Post.

A Twitter user who said his wife was on the plane said the turbulence came as a surprise and the victims were not wearing seat belts.

As the flight attendants were serving dinner, the plane reportedly began free-falling as “people and food flew into the air, hitting and even damaging the plane’s ceiling,” said another passenger.

After the incident, seven of those on board were taken to hospitals, but their condition was not immediately reported.

“The FAA said the crew reported severe turbulence at about 37,000 feet while the plane was over Tennessee. The FAA will investigate,” the NBC report says.

The video, which someone recorded from inside the plane, shows debris on the floor, food, cutlery and other items strewn nearby:

According to, turbulence is considered one of the most unpredictable weather events pilots face. It is defined as:

Turbulence is the uneven movement of air resulting from eddies and vertical currents. It can be as minor as a few annoying hits, or it can be severe enough to momentarily throw the aircraft out of control or cause structural damage. Turbulence is associated with fronts, wind shear, thunderstorms, etc.

“In reports of turbulence, it is usually classified as mild, moderate, severe or extreme. The degree is determined by the nature of the initiating agent and the degree of air stability,” the website says.

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