WATCH LIVE: The coronation of King Charles

The world is set to witness the grandeur and splendor of King Charles’ coronation on Saturday. NBC coverage of the event will commence at 4:00 a.m. Central Time. The coronation is a momentous occasion as it has been seven decades since the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, which managed to attract tens of millions of viewers in the UK despite being broadcast in black and white. Though anticipated to be less extravagant, Charles’ coronation will be broadcast and streamed live in color across the globe.

While Charles automatically took the throne following Elizabeth’s demise in September and was declared monarch of the United Kingdom two days later in an ascension ceremony, the coronation is a joyous celebration that reinforces tradition, religion, and grandeur. Charles’ wife, Camilla, will be conferred with the title of queen consort during the event.

Dating back to William the Conqueror’s coronation in 1066, coronation rituals have been conducted at Westminster Abbey. As far as numbers are compared, proportions in certain realms are anticipated to be smaller than those of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. For instance, while the previous coronation ceremony lasted three hours, the duration of King Charles’ ceremony is yet to be declared but is predicted to be shorter and smaller. Similarly, Queen Elizabeth’s ceremony witnessed the presence of 8,000 guests, unlike King Charles’ whose ceremony will host 2,800 guests. Furthermore, the procession route will be compressed to 1.3 miles in comparison to Queen Elizabeth’s 5-mile route.

Over 100 heads of state have been invited to partake in the ceremony. Although President Joe Biden is expected not to attend, first lady Jill Biden will be present. This will be a historical moment, as the world watches King Charles being crowned monarch of the United Kingdom.

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