Viral TikTok: Austin Men Critique Barton Springs Pool Dives

AUSTIN, Texas – In an effort to unite the community and bring joy to individuals, a group of four men has established a unique judging system for divers at Barton Springs Pool.

Dubbing themselves the Barton Boys, Adam Semlali, Joey Pydyn, Andrew Foster, and Alan Yanez, all residents of Austin and regular visitors to Barton Springs, have developed the motto “good dives, better vibes.”

The inspiration for this endeavor struck Semlali nearly four years ago when he witnessed a crowd at Barton Springs cheer on a young girl as she courageously approached the diving board. This heartwarming display ignited a spark within him.

Foster enthused, “The response from the community has been incredible. Honestly, on our initial outing, we were uncertain if we would encounter any resistance in our judgmental pursuits.”

On Sundays, one can find the Barton Boys positioned across from the diving board, donning sunglasses as they prepare to execute their judging duties. Commencing the proceedings with a series of handshakes, they then synchronize their movements, adorning matching visors and gripping laminated sheets of paper numbered one to ten.

Spectators in attendance eagerly cheer for high scores while also expressing their reactions to more modest results. The enthusiasm surrounding the event has been overwhelmingly positive.

Foster reflected, “Overall, it’s been a magnificent reception from everyone. It is truly amazing to witness the impact of our intentions on the community.”

Even the lifeguards, demonstrating their admiration, approach the quartet, inquiring about their longevity plans.

Pydyn chuckled and remarked, “I don’t foresee any immediate plans to cease our activities.”

In a welcoming gesture, the Barton Boys have extended an invitation to celebrity and guest judges, notably including the esteemed Matthew McConaughey. They express their desire for local figures such as Willie Nelson and the Austin FC squad to partake in the judging festivities.

Yanez expressed his satisfaction, sharing, “We are delighted to contribute to making Austin even more distinct with our own unique touch.”

To continue spreading positive energy and expanding their diving ventures, the Barton Boys maintain an active presence on various social media platforms. Check them out on TikTok and Instagram by searching @bartonboysatx and the individual accounts of @adamsmlolly, @joey_pydyn, @_andrew_foster_, and @alan_yanez24, respectively.

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