Victim of shooting at North Star Mall barbershop identified; San Antonio city requests public feedback on budget.

North Star Mall is the site of a tragic shooting, which proved to be fatal for its victim and caused panic among shoppers. The San Antonio Police Department stated that the incident appeared to be targeted. The victim was identified as 33-year-old Adam Glass, while the suspects reportedly fled the scene. Investigations continue as authorities aim to identify the culprits.

Meanwhile, the city’s Districts 1 and 7 await the results of their runoff election, scheduled for the upcoming Saturday. Those interested in taking part in early voting have until Tuesday, 8 pm, to cast their ballots. In the meantime, San Antonio residents are encouraged to read up on the Voter Guide 2023 which provides comprehensive information regarding the event.

For many years, KENS 5 has served San Antonians as their trusted source of news and entertainment. The broadcaster’s history is one of innovation, having been the first to introduce a helicopter and Doppler radar to local stations. Additionally, KENS 5’s morning news program was the first of its kind in the local market. The legacy broadcaster boasts a long-standing legacy of bringing history into viewers’ homes via their cameras, while setting standards in local broadcasting for the San Antonio community.

Today, KENS 5’s focus remains on stories that matter the most to its viewership, while continuing to innovate and adapt in the constantly evolving world of broadcast media. Residents can follow KENS 5 via various channels, including their website, app, YouTube channel, Roku and Fire TV apps, as well as through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The network’s contacts page also provides a direct link for individuals wishing to contact the broadcaster.

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