Vero Beach High School Enhances Security Measures with Metal Detectors and K-9 Unit

Metal detectors have been implemented at Vero Beach High School in an effort to create a secure environment for everyone, according to the School District of Indian River County. The district collaborated with the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office to launch this pilot program, with each party contributing $30,000 towards the initiative. Several metal detectors were purchased to support the project, and they have been in use since the latter part of the football season.

The decision to introduce metal detectors came after an incident on Monday, where a student was found to be in possession of a gun at Vero Beach High School. Following this incident, Superintendent Davis Moore contacted Sheriff Eric Flowers to discuss potential measures to enhance school safety. These discussions ultimately led to the implementation of the metal detector plan.

Sheriff Flowers explained that the deployment of portable metal detectors at the entrances of Vero Beach High School took place smoothly, thanks to the meticulous planning of their team. The goal was to prioritize the safety of students and create a secure learning environment. This move has garnered support from Daniel Correa, a parent of three students at the school, who believes that the metal detectors contribute to a sense of safety for both parents and students.

The initial use of metal detectors has been successful, as no concerning items were found during the screening process. Sheriff Flowers also revealed that plans are underway to expand this program to other school campuses. He emphasized the importance of random checks, without prior notification to students or parents, to maintain the effectiveness of the security measures.

In addition to the metal detectors, the school has also employed a firearm-sniffing K-9 to further enhance safety. This specially trained dog is capable of detecting gun oils and gunpowder. The K-9 regularly conducts searches of lockers, cars, and the entire campus to ensure the absence of any potential threats.

The implementation of metal detectors and the use of a firearm-sniffing K-9 at Vero Beach High School exemplify the district’s commitment to providing a secure environment for students. With plans to expand this program to other schools, the School District of Indian River County aims to further strengthen safety measures and maintain the well-being of its student body.

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