Vehicles damaged in Orlando crash, scattered across front yard

ORLANDO, Fla. – An ongoing investigation is currently underway in Orange County following a severe crash that resulted in extensive damage to at least one vehicle. The incident took place in a residential neighborhood near the intersection of Edgewater Drive and Davisson Avenue, in close proximity to Lake Fairview.

Captivating aerial footage captured by Sky 6 reveals the chaotic aftermath of the collision, showcasing four vehicles strewn across the front yard of a residence. The devastating impact caused one vehicle to overturn, leaving it precariously perched against another car, resulting in significant mangled wreckage.

Authorities have yet to disclose crucial details surrounding the crash, including any reports of grave injuries sustained by those involved. As this event continues to unfold, we remain vigilant for further updates on this developing story.

Please stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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