Uvalde family left homeless after tree falls on home

Severe weather hit Uvalde on Friday night and brought with it heart-wrenching images of devastation. The high-speed straight line winds, ranging from 70 to 80 miles per hour, caused substantial damage, including toppling trees over houses, tearing off porches and damaging the structures themselves. Joe Morales’ house on West Garden Street was one such house that took a hit from the storm. His childhood home, where he currently lives with his girlfriend, was condemned by the local police, as the edifice was at risk of collapse.

The storm also left the double-amputee wheelchair-bound man and his family homeless. As the two were inside the house when the downpour started, they barely escaped the wrath of nature. The roof collapsed on top of his girlfriend and her daughter and grandchildren, but they fortunately managed to get out just in time, as Morales lamented “that roof came down on top of them, but she was able to get her kids out of there just in time.” The tree nearly split the home in half, with debris flying through the side of his home.

Morales, emotionally distraught, expressed concern over the situation and told reporters in a phone interview on Sunday, “I just can’t help or nothing, just see what the damage has done.” His daughter, Kaitlin, revealed the Government’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) would not assist the family unless the Uvalde County made a disaster declaration. The family was forced to start a GoFundMe page to gather donations to help Morales and his family.

The American Red Cross offered support in the form of belongings, whereas his children were doing everything they could to support him. Meanwhile, KENS 5 Meteorologist Ryan Shoptaugh stated on Sunday evening that the National Weather Services had yet to confirm if a tornado hit Uvalde on Friday night. Morales’ situation is dire, and he is currently staying with his son, all the while hoping and praying for a brighter tomorrow. The storm may have taken away his home and left him with little clothing, but it most definitely did not take his positive spirit. “All of us are lucky that we’re still alive to live another day. That’s the more important thing,” said Morales.

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