UT students face move-in delay at new West Campus apartment building

Newly Constructed Apartment at UT Austin Faces Delay in Move-In Day

AUSTIN, Texas – The much-anticipated move-in day for UT students at the newly constructed Rambler Apartments has been delayed, causing inconvenience and frustration among students and their families. Late Thursday night, students received an email from the apartment management, informing them about the setback.

The email read, “While the units and common areas are completed, a few hours ago we learned that Rambler did not receive the anticipated approvals required for occupancy tomorrow, August 18, 2023. We are taking immediate steps to remedy the items required for approval. We know this is extremely inconvenient and extend our heartfelt apologies for this situation. We are working closely with city officials to inspect the property daily until we have approval.”

Sloan Rigamonti, a UT student, expressed disappointment, saying, “They said that we would be moved in no later than August 26.” The original move-in date was supposed to be Friday, August 18, giving students ample time to settle in before the start of classes on Monday.

With classes just around the corner and travel plans already made, students and their families were left in a difficult position. Luis Castaneda, who was counting on moving into Rambler Apartments, shared his predicament, “My parents flew in from Mexico, so they were here to help me move and, like, get me installed in the apartment. But now they have to go back, and I have to do it alone.”

Disgruntled by the situation, Michael, a father helping his UT student daughter move in, exclaimed, “They’re playing with us like dolls. I mean, we’re humans, we’re students, and we need to have a place to stay before school starts. This is ridiculous.”

Following inquiries on the cause of the delay, FOX 7 Austin reached out to Rambler Apartments. The management revealed that they were waiting for the final fire inspection from the city, which was scheduled for Monday, August 21. In a statement, the management stated, “Regrettably, Rambler move-in is delayed until Saturday, August 26. Our Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) is pending final fire inspection from the city.”

While the management assured residents that they had passed all other necessary permits and inspections, they acknowledged the inconvenience caused and outlined several compensation measures. These measures include a daily digital gift card or rent credit of $200, abated rent until move-in, and up to $500 reimbursement for travel, moving, or storage expenses.

Despite the reassurances, uncertainty lingers among parents and students. Castaneda, who extended his hotel stay, expressed his cautious optimism, “I’ll be at the Hilton, so I’ll be comfortable for a week, and then I’ll move in, hopefully.”

As the city works with Rambler Apartments to expedite the approval process, students, and their families eagerly await the next update, hoping for a smooth and timely move-in experience before August 26, the revised date set by the apartment management.


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