USPS Office of Inspector General Delivers Mail Delay Report to Congressman Al Green

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has acknowledged the occurrence of “temporary disruptions” at a USPS processing center in Houston, citing a “network modernization plan” as the cause. In response to the mail delay issues, Congressman Al Green and his office have been actively seeking answers and resolution.

According to Congressman Green, his office receives numerous calls on a daily basis regarding the mail delay issues. With the aim of ensuring transparency and accountability, he has been demanding clear explanations from USPS. The postal service, in a previous statement, acknowledged the disruptions and assured that they are working diligently to expedite the processing of packages in Houston.

However, when questioned about his satisfaction with the response from USPS, Congressman Green expressed his dissatisfaction. He emphasized that during his meeting with USPS representatives, he had clearly communicated his expectation for them to address the public directly. To further investigate the matter, Congressman Green has received a report from the USPS Office of Inspector General specifically concerning some facilities in Houston, rather than the entire city.

Congressman Green believes that the root of the issue lies in Washington, suggesting that mismanagement within the USPS may be to blame. He remarked, “I think this is not something that the workers have created, but there is something in management that is afoul. Something in management has to be corrected.”

To gain firsthand knowledge of the situation, Congressman Green plans to visit the processing facility in his district. Additionally, he is collaborating with other lawmakers, such as Rep. Sylvia Garcia and Rep. Michael McCaul, to determine the extent of the problem. If the issue is found to be pervasive across other states, Congressman Green has pledged to inform the public accordingly.

In the coming week, Congressman Green intends to hold a news conference where he will share details from the inspector general report and provide updates on his efforts to assist individuals affected by delayed packages.

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