Unsolved Austin Homicides Leave Families Seeking Justice

Austin Police Department Makes Arrests in Multiple Homicide Cases, but Unsolved Cases Plague Families

AUSTIN, Texas – The Austin Police Department (APD) has made significant progress in its efforts to combat the rising number of homicides in the city. However, despite the arrest of over 30 suspects involved in various homicide cases this year, several families are still awaiting justice for their lost loved ones.

“You took their mother away from them,” lamented Angela, the mother of Elizabeth Lopez, whose killer remains at large. The pain and grief experienced by these families are immeasurable, as they struggle to come to terms with the tragic loss of their loved ones to senseless violence.

Tonya Nixon, the mother of Johnny Edmondson, described the devastating impact of losing a child as the “worst call in the world.” Wanda Mitchell, the wife of Marquis Demps, expressed her deep hurt and anger over the unresolved case. Alena Franklin, the older sister of Mikalah Franklin, mourned the fact that her sister could no longer express her love for her.

The Austin Police Department has been diligently investigating the alarming number of 45 homicides this year alone. While they have managed to make arrests in approximately 85% of these cases, some families are still left waiting for answers. “At this time, I don’t have any suspect information. There is no one in custody. But we are actively working this,” revealed Austin Police Corporal Jose Mendez.

The police department is actively seeking suspects in at least five unsolved homicides that occurred this year. Corporal Mendez assured the public that every effort was being made to locate the individuals responsible for these heinous crimes. However, some cases continue to elude the authorities, leaving families in a state of anguish and uncertainty.

Peter Kovach, an official from the Austin Police Department, expressed his surprise at the absence of any murders in certain areas this year. The victims’ families are desperate for justice to be served. Renesia Francis, the mother of Barry Dockery Jr., tearfully shared the unbearable pain she experiences daily, unable to sleep or eat. Demetra Batts, a close friend of Jarod Mason’s family, fervently hoped that the perpetrators would be caught and that justice would be served to the fullest extent.

In the pursuit of justice, the APD encourages anyone with information to come forward. Tips can be submitted anonymously through the Capital Area Crime Stoppers Program by visiting austincrimestoppers.org or by calling 512-472-8477. Informants may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 if their information leads to an arrest.

The Austin community stands united in its demand for justice, as families affected by these tragic losses seek closure and the assurance that those responsible will be held accountable for their actions. The APD remains committed to investigating these cases and providing solace to grieving families.

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