Unlicensed 15-Year-Old Driver Causes Traumatic Crash, Mother Shares Harrowing Experience

A 15-year-old boy, who was driving without a license, ran a stop sign on Sunday, resulting in a collision with a family’s van, a knocked-down telephone pole, and a crashed into a house, according to the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD). The incident took place on the south side of Creath Place. Both the teen driver and the family of five were transported to the hospital, but fortunately, all individuals involved are expected to recover.

Yesenia Gonzalez, a member of the affected family, expressed her concern about the severity of the accident, stating, “Had we been going a little bit faster, he could’ve hit my husband and my daughter head-on.” Gonzalez explained that they had just left their home to attend one of their daughter’s soccer games when the collision occurred at the intersection of Walhalla Avenue and Creath Place.

Gonzalez described the emotional state of her children after the incident, saying, “My girls were hysterical.” She recounted seeing the teen driver speeding down the road but was unable to alert her husband, who was driving, in time to avoid the collision. Angered by the situation, she confronted the driver, exclaiming, “Look what you did to my family, look at my husband, look at my kids, look at my vehicle.”

Fortunately, Gonzalez was able to evacuate her three daughters from the van, although they sustained minor injuries and were taken to the hospital for treatment. However, her husband suffered more severe injuries, including two fractured ribs and a severe concussion. As the sole provider for the family, his injuries have significant implications for their well-being. “He’s the only one who works, I stay home with the girls, that is our only vehicle,” Gonzalez lamented.

A concerned neighbor, who has been living in the area for over 30 years, rushed outside upon hearing the crash and promptly called 911. This neighbor expressed their long-standing worries about reckless drivers, stating, “That’s all they do through here, they speed, it’s a nonstop thing.”

Gonzalez recalled a past city survey that examined the street for potential installation of speed bumps, but unfortunately, no action was taken. District 3 Councilwoman Phyllis Viagran, upon learning about the incident, expressed her commitment to addressing speeding in residential areas. “So we are kind of looking at who’s got speed bumps, who needs speed bumps, how can we slow down traffic in these residential areas to keep it safe,” Viagran explained.

Despite the anger and frustration caused by the incident, Gonzalez expressed her willingness to forgive the young driver, emphasizing the importance of learning from one’s mistakes. The 15-year-old will receive a citation for driving without a license, and the crash remains under investigation by the police.

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