TWW Delays Billing for Trenton and Ewing Township

Trenton Water Works (TWW) has recently announced a delay in sending bills to customers in Ewing Township and some in Trenton. This delay is due to the completion of administrative changes as TWW transitions to a new billing vendor. Sean Semple, the Director of the city’s Department of Water and Sewer, which operates Trenton Water Works, expressed his apologies for the inconvenience caused by the late-arriving water bills and reassured customers that they will not be penalized or face any negative impacts.

TWW typically sends bills to its more than 63,000 customers on a quarterly basis. In the fourth quarter of 2023, TWW selected a new contract vendor to handle the printing and mailing of bills. The approval from the Trenton City Council was obtained on October 19, allowing the process to move forward. Customers in Trenton and Ewing Township can expect to receive their water bills in November and will have 60 days to make the necessary payments. For customers whose accounts are already more than 60 days past due, a shutoff notice may be issued, giving them 15 days to bring their accounts up to date through a payment agreement.

Starting on November 15, TWW will suspend the practice of shutting off customers for nonpayment in compliance with the State of New Jersey’s Winter Termination Program. This program aims to protect specific customers from having their gas, electric, or water services shut off between November 15 and March 15. Semple emphasized that TWW is continuously making operational changes and investing in capital work to not only maintain high water quality but also enhance service and delivery to their valued customers and service-area consumers.

In related news, an image of the Trenton Water Plant was shared along with the announcement. The image showcases the water plant’s exterior and provides a visual representation of the infrastructure responsible for supplying water to the region. The image, captured by Dennis N. Symons Jr., demonstrates the scale and importance of the facility in delivering clean water to the community.

As TWW navigates the transition to a new billing vendor and makes improvements to its operations, customers can rest assured that their water bills will be delivered in November without any penalties or negative consequences. TWW is committed to providing high-quality water services and ensuring customer satisfaction in Trenton and Ewing Township.

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