Two Irving ISD high school students arrested for threatening a student, carrying weapons on campus, police say

Two Irving ISD students were arrested on Friday, in connection to threatening violence and carrying a gun on a campus, according to the police. The incident occurred at MacArthur High School, where the district immediately suspended the campus and notified the Irving ISD Security Department and the Irving Police Department about the threat.

The district clarified that the threat was made against a MacArthur High School student and was a result of a personal discussion between students. The incident was not related to the hoax threats circulating in Texas and Florida.

Upon arriving on the premises, the staff “wiretapped” the two male students involved in the incident, and “law enforcement has taken appropriate action,” as per the officials. Irving police officers conducted a search of the school, and the threat was found credible as two guns were confiscated.

The two male students were arrested and are charged with illegal possession of a firearm in an unauthorized area. Subsequently, both were taken to the Dallas Juvenile Detention Center, as confirmed by the police. The school resumed normal operations once the suspects were taken away.

The district issued a statement mentioning that law enforcement agencies will continue their efforts related to those affected, and the district will ensure that appropriate legal and disciplinary consequences are issued as directed by law and the student code of conduct.

As a precaution, the district will increase the security presence at MacArthur High for the remainder of the day and for the rest of the school year as well. The district thanked the community members for raising their concerns and asserted its commitment to partnering with students, families, and the community to promptly address all threats of violence affecting the schools.

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