Two Broward County Men Arrested for $1 Million Uber Scam

Two Broward County men have been apprehended by detectives from the Broward Sheriff’s Office for allegedly scamming Uber out of over $1 million. Trayon Morgan, a 21-year-old from Lauderhill, and Roy Blackwood, a 38-year-old from Sunrise, were arrested after an extensive eight-month investigation.

The fraudulent activities commenced in January 2022 and primarily targeted Broward and Palm Beach Counties, according to the investigators. Morgan executed the scheme by utilizing the Uber Eats app, assuming the role of both the customer and the courier. Initially, he would place a grocery order under a fake account and subsequently accept the same order as the courier. Uber, in response, would provide Morgan with a preauthorized and preloaded credit card for the purchase. Remarkably, Morgan was able to make purchases totaling up to $700 in a single transaction. Upon completing the transaction, Morgan would cancel the order as the consumer and further misuse the Uber credit card to purchase a gift card, stated the investigators.

During this fraudulent spree, Blackwood would reportedly drive Morgan to multiple Walgreens locations to facilitate the scam, as revealed by deputies. On January 24, detectives conducted a meticulous surveillance operation and observed Morgan and Blackwood engaging in fraudulent activities at 27 different Walgreens stores, resulting in a loss exceeding $5,000 to Uber on that day alone.

To perpetuate the fraudulent scheme, Morgan created multiple fake accounts and regularly employed stolen or fabricated identities of genuine Uber drivers, using their license information with his own photograph. Detectives, with the aid of Uber and various investigative techniques, were able to verify Morgan’s involvement in the creation and usage of these fraudulent accounts.

On August 7, deputies issued arrest warrants for Morgan and Blackwood. Palm Beach Gardens police apprehended Blackwood on August 16, and on August 22, BSO detectives arrested Morgan in Tamarac. Both individuals are now facing charges of organized scheme to defraud and grand theft.

This case highlights the critical importance of companies like Uber collaborating with law enforcement agencies to swiftly identify and apprehend individuals involved in fraudulent activities. The Broward Sheriff’s Office has once again displayed their unwavering commitment to maintaining the safety and security of their community, thus ensuring that justice is served. The investigation and subsequent arrests serve as a stern warning to potential fraudsters that their illicit activities will not go unpunished.

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