Trucking Company Involved in Palm Beach County Fiery Crash Resurfaces

Palm Beach County, Florida – In the aftermath of Friday morning’s fiery crash on Florida’s Turnpike, new details have emerged about the trucking company at the center of the incident. WPTV has obtained information regarding CWC Transportation, the company responsible for the tanker involved in the collision.

Interestingly, this is not the first time a CWC Transportation vehicle has been involved in such a catastrophic event. Last year, another fuel tanker from the same company was engaged in a large fire on Interstate 95 near Delray Beach. The similarities between these incidents raise concerns about the safety measures and operational practices of CWC Transportation.

According to the company’s director of operations, the recent crash occurred when the semi collided with a concrete barrier. However, the exact cause of the collision is still under investigation. CWC Transportation has acknowledged the presence of construction in the area but has not confirmed if it played a role in the accident.

Fortunately, the driver of the tanker emerged from the crash unharmed. CWC Transportation emphasizes that all their drivers possess Class A CDL licenses, which are mandatory for operating a tanker. Additionally, these drivers undergo thorough training at a trucking school before being hired by the company, ensuring their competence and familiarity with safety protocols.

In a separate incident last year, another CWC fuel tanker was involved in a similar crash on October 25, 2022, on Interstate 95 in Delray Beach. The Florida Highway Patrol report reveals that a collision with another vehicle caused the tanker to strike the concrete traffic barrier, resulting in a light pole falling onto the highway. Tragically, the tanker ultimately caught fire, causing injuries to five individuals. Among the victims were three individuals who required treatment for serious burns, and sadly, one driver succumbed to their injuries.

These repeated and concerning incidents raise questions about CWC Transportation’s safety record and the adequacy of their preventative measures. Authorities must thoroughly investigate the causes behind these accidents to determine if there are any systemic issues within the company that need to be addressed. The safety of drivers and the general public must remain a top priority, and it is crucial that companies like CWC Transportation prioritize comprehensive safety protocols to prevent further incidents in the future.

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