Trenton Police Probe Dawn Shooting

Shooting Incident Leaves Victim in Critical Condition: Trenton Police Investigating

Trenton, NJ – In a recent incident, the Trenton Police Department responded to a ShotSpotter activation for the report of 13 rounds fired in the early morning hours. The incident took place in the area of 763 Stuyvesant Avenue, with evidence found at 802 Stuyvesant Avenue and casings discovered on the side of 801 Stuyvesant Avenue. The victim, a 29-year-old male, was in critical condition and transported to the hospital by a private vehicle. The shooting is currently being investigated by the Shooting Response Team, led by Detective Lieutenant Nathan B. Bolognini.

The incident, which occurred on August 19, 2023, has raised concerns within the community. The victim’s condition is described as extremely critical, adding to the urgency of the ongoing investigation. The police department is working diligently to gather all available information and evidence to identify the individuals responsible for this act of violence.

Law enforcement agencies, including the Trenton Police Department, have been increasingly relying on ShotSpotter technology to quickly respond to incidents involving gunfire. ShotSpotter utilizes advanced acoustic sensors to detect and locate gunshots, allowing law enforcement to respond faster and more effectively. The technology has proven to be a vital tool in addressing gun violence and ensuring the safety of communities.

The Trenton Police Department is urging anyone with information related to the incident to come forward and cooperate with the ongoing investigation. Detectives are particularly interested in any eyewitness accounts, surveillance footage, or other evidence that may assist in identifying the suspects and bringing them to justice.

Meanwhile, community members are raising concerns over the recent escalation of gun violence in the area. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for increased efforts in preventing and addressing such acts. Authorities, community leaders, and organizations are encouraged to work together to implement comprehensive strategies that address the root causes of violence and promote community safety.

As the investigation continues, the Trenton Police Department is committed to providing updates on any significant developments. The department is grateful for the support and cooperation of the community and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

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