Trenton Board of Education Granted Official Certifications

Trenton Board of Education Receives NJSBA Board Certification

In a significant achievement for the Trenton Board of Education, each member received recognition as a Certified Board Member (CBM) at the Nov. 16 Mercer County SBA Meeting. The board also received NJSBA Board Certification (BC), underscoring their commitment to effective governance and training in the unique aspects of the group process.

The NJSBA Board Member Academy’s Board Certification program acknowledges mastery of various areas critical to school board governance. These areas include group process, decision-making, planning, effective meetings, and a focus on student achievement. The Certified Board Member Award, which represents the second level of the NJSBA Board Member Academy certification program, recognizes professional development in these essential areas.

It is with great pleasure that the district congratulates the following members of the BOE for being part of the certified board and receiving their board member certification: Gene Bouie, Addie Daniels-Lane, Deniece Johnson, Jeannie Weakliem, Austin Edwards, Esq., Sasa Olessi Montaño, BOE Vice President Gerald Trueheart, and BOE President Yolanda Marrero-Lopez.

The achievement of NJSBA Board Certification and individual board member certifications highlights the board’s dedication to effective governance and their ongoing commitment to providing the best possible education for the students of Trenton.

The rigorous requirements for NJSBA Board Certification ensure that board members have a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities and challenges they face. By obtaining this certification, the Trenton Board of Education has demonstrated their commitment to excellence in education and their continuous efforts to improve governance and decision-making processes.

The district is proud of the accomplishments of its board members and commends them for their dedication to the students, parents, and community they serve. The Trenton Board of Education will continue to strive for excellence and work towards creating an environment where all students can thrive and succeed.

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