Treasure Coast Community Singers to Perform Iconic British Music.

Treasure Coast Community Singers are set to take charge of the music scene in Jensen Beach and Stuart as they perform at Trinity United Methodist Church and Ross Hall, respectively, on May 20 and May 21. The concerts mark the 20th anniversary of the Treasure Coast Community Singers and are expected to be a fascinating display of musical prowess with features from Adele, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Queen, and many more artists.

WPTV News Channel 5 had the pleasure of meeting the group in Stuart during its “Let’s Hear It” event. The rehearsal took place on Tuesday, and more than 60 members of the group were in attendance. It was a five-hour practice session, which the singers considered to be their final rehearsal before their big performances.

Doug Jewett, the choral director, founder, and CEO, exuded joy and enthusiasm as he spoke to the press about Treasure Coast Community Singers’ performance. He said that by performing at the concert, Treasure Coast Community Singers will transform from “the best kept secret on the Treasure Coast” to a more popular and visible group.

The group consists of professional singers and amateurs who have passion for music and are dedicated to quality music performance. Through hard work, commitment, and dedication, Treasure Coast Community Singers have earned a reputation as a vibrant and outstanding group celebrating twenty years of music excellence.

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Treasure Coast Community Singers have continued to thrill audiences with songs that inspire and entertain. The upcoming concerts are expected to be a showcase of Treasure Coast Community Singers’ musical dexterity, and the audience should anticipate a memorable and engaging performance from the group.

The Treasure Coast Community Singers’ concert promises to be a dazzling show of musical excellence that will leave the audience with a thrilling musical experience. As the singers take the stage in both cities, they will carry a message of hope and persistence, showcasing that nothing can stifle a group of dedicated singers with love for music.

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