Traffic Frustration Mounts as Bridge Construction on I-95 and St. Lucie West Boulevard Intensifies

Residents of Port St. Lucie, Florida are expressing frustration over the ongoing construction on the bridge at St. Lucie West Boulevard and Interstate 95. The heavy traffic congestion caused by the construction has been a major inconvenience for drivers in the area. According to Fiona Dickens, a resident of Port St. Lucie, the traffic is backed up for several junctions, causing significant delays. Another resident, Tracey Maccia, highlighted the danger posed by the construction, as there is only one lane to access I-95 from St. Lucie West Boulevard.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has been working on expanding the bridge since January 2022. The project aims to create two additional westbound and eastbound lanes over I-95, as well as new entrance and exit ramps onto the highway. However, residents are growing increasingly frustrated with the slow progress of the construction. Karen Lessard, a resident who frequently uses the bridge, expressed disappointment at the lack of visible action taking place.

The ongoing construction has led many people to avoid using the bridge altogether. Tracey Maccia stated that she takes an alternative route, despite it taking longer, in order to avoid the heavy traffic. Similarly, Karen Lessard mentioned that she always chooses a different road to bypass the congestion on the bridge. The completion of the project is eagerly awaited by residents, as they hope it will alleviate the traffic issues they currently face.

In response to the residents’ concerns, the FDOT provided a statement regarding the anticipated completion date of the project. According to the department, the project is expected to be completed early this year. The FDOT emphasized that once the project is finished and the travel lanes are in their final configuration, traffic will significantly improve. The finalized bridge will feature two westbound through lanes, two dedicated right turn lanes to the northbound I-95 entrance ramp, two eastbound travel lanes over I-95, and additional lanes at the eastbound off-ramp from northbound I-95.

The construction team has been working closely with the City of Port St. Lucie Traffic Operations Office to minimize congestion and optimize traffic flow during the construction process. Once the project is completed, the city will be able to synchronize the traffic signals at the intersection with the rest of the city-wide network, further enhancing traffic flows at the interchange.

Residents are eagerly awaiting the completion of the project. Karen Lessard expressed her hope that the construction will be finished by the spring, as the busy winter season approaches. The completion of the bridge expansion is expected to bring much-needed relief to the residents of Port St. Lucie, who have endured significant traffic congestion for an extended period of time.

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