Tornado in Martin County launches trampoline into power lines, captured on home video

STUART, Fla. — Breathtaking footage captured by a home video camera has revealed the extraordinary moment when an EF0 tornado forcefully lifted a trampoline from a homeowner’s yard in Stuart, propelling it over a 6-foot fence and crashing into power lines. The sheer power of the tornado was evident, as described by the owner of the trampoline, Danny Concepcion, who marveled at the sight of his airborne possession. Concepcion speculated that the trampoline would have soared even higher and farther if not for the obstacle posed by the pole. Adding to the destructive force, the tornado also toppled Concepcion’s fence and door, causing widespread damage in the neighborhood near Palm Lake Park on Monday night.

Reflecting on the intensity of the wind, Kate Hussey from WPTV acknowledged its strength, while Concepcion recounted the moment of surprise and urgency when he witnessed his children fleeing to the safety of the living room. Regretful, he admitted that he should have been more vigilant, given his close proximity to the window. Meanwhile, Concepcion’s neighbor across the street, Walt Voltz, also began the arduous task of rebuilding. He pointed out the section of his roof that was torn off by the storm, resulting in water cascading through a significant hole into his kitchen cabinets. To mitigate the damage, Voltz hastily placed a tarp over the exposed area, enduring the incessant flow of water.

In another unfortunate incident, Irwin Banks, a resident of North River Shores, encountered a similar fate. The powerful gusts felled his coconut tree, causing the fruit to crash into his van and shattering its window. Banks expressed his surprise and disappointment, remarking on the supposed resilience of coconut trees. He was not alone in experiencing the destructive force of the tornado, as Martin County Public Works Director Jim Gordon disclosed that his team had responded to several reports of fallen trees along the eight-mile path carved by the storm through the county. Gordon noted that only one of the downed trees was indigenous to Florida, emphasizing the challenge of removing large trees such as the three enormous ficuses that had descended onto a yard in North River Shores. Tackling this arduous task necessitated the involvement of a contractor, whose ongoing efforts were focused on clearing the debris left in the tornado’s wake.

In addition to tree clearance, the county authorities prioritized the removal of storm debris obstructing roadways. Banks, acknowledging his own responsibilities, expressed his determination to gather the debris from his fallen fence. He recognized the need to take swift action and, in anticipation of such events, had already paid his homeowners insurance. Gordon, the Public Works Director, urged residents to promptly report any debris blocking roadways, underscoring the importance of proactively trimming trees before the onset of storms like this one. The aftermath of the tornado serves as a stark reminder of the significance of these preventive measures in safeguarding lives and property.

As the affected community grapples with the aftermath of this devastating event, the captivating footage of the trampoline soaring through the air serves as a powerful testament to the raw power of nature and the resilience required to rebuild in the face of such adversity.

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