Top large US employers ranked, Florida companies included

Forbes, a renowned publication, unveiled its highly anticipated 2024 list of America’s premier large employers on Tuesday. This exclusive ranking is meticulously crafted through comprehensive worker surveys, delving into whether respondents would endorse their employers to others and the level of esteem these individuals hold for their respective employers. The top three coveted spots on this prestigious list were notably clinched by out-of-state entities, with Novo Nordisk hailing from New Jersey securing the top position, followed by Garmin based in Kansas at a close second, and Cook Children’s Health Care System based in Texas clinching the third spot.

While the top-tier positions were predominantly dominated by companies operating beyond the borders of Florida, the Sunshine State managed to carve out a noteworthy presence on the list. Raymond James Financial, a prominent establishment headquartered in St. Petersburg, emerged as the highest-ranking Florida employer, clinching the 45th position in the elite lineup. However, other notable firms such as Publix, the University of Florida, and Miami-Dade County also made commendable strides by securing positions within the top 500 employers nationwide.

The unveiling of the top 20 Florida firms that etched their names on this distinguished list shed light on the diverse sectors that underpin the state’s business landscape. From banking and financial services to healthcare, social services, and education, these companies represent a myriad of industries, showcasing the multifaceted nature of Florida’s economic fabric. Notable entities such as Baptist Health South Florida, Tampa General Hospital, and Florida Blue further underscored the state’s commitment to fostering a thriving business environment that prioritizes employee satisfaction and well-being.

In a resounding display of resilience and excellence, these top-ranking Florida firms exemplify the state’s unwavering dedication to upholding high standards of workplace culture and employee engagement. As the economic heartbeat of the Sunshine State continues to pulsate with vigor and dynamism, these companies stand as beacons of success and innovation, propelling Florida’s business landscape to greater heights. The unveiling of Forbes’ 2024 list of America’s best large employers not only celebrates the achievements of these esteemed companies but also serves as a testament to the unwavering spirit of enterprise and dedication that defines Florida’s corporate ethos.

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