Top Cities in Florida Attracting Baby Boomers

Florida Emerges as Top Destination for Baby Boomers in 2022

In a recent report published by SmartAsset, Florida has emerged as one of the most sought-after destinations for baby boomers in 2022. The study reveals that Clearwater, a city located on the west coast of Florida, secured the top position among the 20 cities favored by this demographic group.

According to the findings, baby boomers who relocated to Clearwater in 2022 accounted for a significant 3.79% of the city’s total population. A staggering 4,401 individuals from this age group made the decision to settle in Clearwater during the year. Overall, the city is home to an impressive 31,349 baby boomers, making up a substantial 27.0% of the population aged 1 and above.

Following closely behind Clearwater, Orlando claimed the third spot on the list. An impressive 17% of Orlando’s population is made up of baby boomers, indicating the city’s appeal and suitability for this age group. Cape Coral secured the fourth position, while St. Petersburg and Miami found their place at number ten and twenty, respectively.

The comprehensive ranking of the top cities for baby boomers in 2022 is as follows:

1. Clearwater, FL: Baby boomers moving in accounted for 3.79% of the population, with a total of 4,401 individuals joining the city’s ranks. The percentage of baby boomers in the overall population stands at an impressive 27.0%.

2. Reno, NV: The city saw a 3.07% influx of baby boomers, with 8,329 individuals choosing to make it their home. Baby boomers now constitute 23.10% of Reno’s population.

3. Orlando, FL: With a 3.02% migration rate, Orlando welcomed 9,458 baby boomers. They now make up 16.56% of the city’s population.

4. Cape Coral, FL: This city witnessed a 2.90% increase in baby boomer residents, with 6,233 individuals relocating. Baby boomers now comprise 29.85% of Cape Coral’s population.

The remaining cities on the list include Billings, MT; Surprise, AZ; Henderson, NV; Mesa, AZ; High Point, NC; St. Petersburg, FL; Scottsdale, AZ; Spokane Valley, WA; Santa Rosa, CA; Renton, WA; Savannah, GA; Evansville, IN; Oceanside, CA; Las Cruces, NM; Chattanooga, TN, and Miami, FL.

The allure of Florida’s thriving cities, with their warm climate and diverse amenities, continues to attract a significant number of baby boomers. Whether it’s the serene beaches of Clearwater or the vibrant atmosphere of Orlando, these cities offer an ideal setting for this demographic group to settle down and enjoy their golden years.

With this latest report, it is evident that Florida remains a top choice for baby boomers seeking a fulfilling and comfortable lifestyle. The state’s diverse offerings, combined with its welcoming communities, make it an attractive destination for those looking to embark on the next chapter of their lives.

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