Timothy Huff, a member of dangerous and armed robbery gang accused of murdering Fort Worth Officer Garrett Hull’s in a 2018 shooting incident, was found guilty

Fort Worth, Texas – Tarrant County jurors needed only half an hour to find Timothy Huff guilty of capital murder. Huff was involved in a shooting incident that took place in 2018 and charged with the death of a Fort Worth police officer.

The fatal incident took place in 2018 when Huff, who has been part of a robbery gang, was confronted by officers, including officer Garrett Hull. A total of three dangerous and armed gang members confronted the officers.

Per the incident report, the suspect who killed officer Hull was later shot and killed by another officer. Following the shooting, Huff and another gang member were arrested. They were both later charged with capital murder.

Huff and his fellow gang members had been terrorizing patrons at Latino bars in 2018 in the Fort Worth area. The confrontation with the police happened just after the trio violently robbed patrons at a Fort Worth bar. The following investigation showed that Huff was not the one that shot officer Hull, but as a part of the trio, he was charged with capital murder.

officer Garrett Hull
officer Garrett Hull

The trial was delayed several times because of a sick attorney and after Huff allegedly swallowed a razor blade while in the courtroom. His defense attorney rested Monday morning without calling any witnesses.

Huff could face the death penalty.

texasstandard.news contributed to this report.

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