“TikTok Star Faces Accusations of Harassing Women at San Diego Beach”

TikTok Personality Accused of Harassing Women on San Diego’s Pacific Beach

A TikTok star with 1.2 million followers is facing a backlash after a Reddit thread accused him of making unwanted sexual advances and harassing beachgoers on San Diego’s Pacific Beach. Erick Ronaldo, a 26-year-old social media personality known for conducting interviews and social experiments with strangers, was called out for his behavior on the public thread.

The Reddit post narrated the situation and read, “So I saw these guys at PB today. The one with the camera was standing out of view of women sunbathing and taking photos of their [butt] as the other one went up to them. I witnessed them talk to a woman in a yellow swimsuit. It seemed weird so I went up to yellow swimsuit and asked what they wanted. The woman told me he said he was trying to prove that being nice to women was a successful way to pick up girls.”

As the thread continues, the thread’s original author of the claim wrote that he merely inquired about the incident and did not say anything untoward to Ronaldo that might have led to the accusations being a result of any racial motivation, which Ronaldo inferred.

Since then, Ronaldo has released a statement on his TikTok account, claiming that the accusations were racially motivated. He further released yet another video showing how he successfully picked up two women with the same flirting lines he used before the accusations from a concerned citizen.

While there is no law preventing people from recording others in public spaces without their consent, California Penal Code 632 protects confidential audio conversations from being recorded without all parties’ consent.

The incident has raised questions about harassment on social media and in public spaces and how to tackle it. Many social media users have expressed concern about the behavior of public personalities who use their positions of power to coerce or harass individuals and how to hold them accountable.

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