“Tiffany Haddish brings laughter and generosity to young readers”

Tiffany Haddish, the renown comedian, actress, and philanthropist, devoted her Saturday morning to Palm Beach County students. She spent it at the Lantana Branch of the public library. During her stay, Haddish read her latest children’s book, “Layla, the Last Black Unicorn,” to dozens of kids. The talented book author also shared her thoughts and insights about her career and personal experiences.

As the reading session progressed, the students asked Haddish numerous questions about her life, career, and her newest children’s book. WPTV’S Victor Jorges later caught up with Haddish to interview her. During the interview, Jorges asked about the similarities between the book’s character and Haddish’s own background.

Haddish responded, “Kids used to call me a dirty unicorn when I was a kid because I had a wart growing out of my forehead, I had a mole right here… I had a lot going on. I decided to use that, take that power back. Like, ‘you guys are calling me a unicorn? Fine. I’ll be a unicorn.’ As I progressed to school, I learned how to use my personality, I always kept that in my mind… I’ll be the last black unicorn.”

Haddish’s response highlighted the importance of self-confidence and embracing one’s uniqueness. She recounted her struggles growing up, but showed resilience in continuing to do great things. And as a famous comedian and philanthropist, Haddish’s accomplishments prove she has learned to navigate life’s hurdles excellently.

The event was immensely successful, with ample attendance from the kids. The reading of “Layla, the Last Black Unicorn” was delightful, and Haddish’s personal anecdotes added a special touch to the presentation. Her encouraging words and firm belief in self-confidence were exceptional.

Overall, Haddish’s visit to the Lantana Branch of the public library was beneficial to the students, as they left feeling uplifted and inspired. It was a rare moment where they got to meet a famous comedian and author in person, and learn from her experiences and struggles. The children are grateful for the opportunity, making it a day to remember.

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