The San Antonio non-profit organization works to help migrants arriving at the airport

Eagle’s Flight Advocacy and Outreach is providing hot meals and childcare items to migrants arriving in San Antonio, and they hope to see more non-profits joined the cause. Despite the Title 42 policy expiring soon, large numbers of migrants are already arriving at San Antonio International Airport, with some unaware of when their flights will depart.

The previous administration implemented Title 42 in March 2020 to deport migrants who sought asylum in the US as a COVID protocol. President Biden tried to abolish the policy when he took office but was halted by the court. As a result, migrants are still arriving at the US border, including families with young children lining the San Antonio International Airport’s terminals.

For Pamela Allen, the influx of migrants in the airport echos her experience with refugees from Bosnia and Sarajevo in the 1990s. She runs Eagles Flight Advocacy And Outreach, providing migrants with hot meals and childcare items every week.

However, they could not feed everyone due to the high volume of migrants in line. Some of those waiting in line were children, and it was a devastating feeling for her. Meanwhile, a single mother of two, 31-year-old Yenifer Silva, spent 23 days traveling with her kids from Venezuela to the United States, enduring various challenges such as rivers with crocodiles and dangerous streets.

Fitlleisy Martinez, another migrant, stated that the jungles were too intense for her family and that they did not feel safe staying in Venezuela due to the country’s crime rate and challenging economy. Even though the Eagles Flight Advocacy and Outreach trips cost $500 each, insignificant compared to their generosity, it was not enough. Allen expressed hopes for other non-profits to join in this noble cause.

In conclusion, the migrant crisis is a significant challenge that must be tackled with compassion and commitment. Organizations like Eagle’s Flight Advocacy And Outreach are doing a great job in providing hot meals and childcare items to hundreds of migrants weekly, but more help is required. The entire community should come together to support migrants to make it a less daunting journey.

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