The Arlington police officer who killed drunken driver in an incident on Wednesday was fired

Arlington, Texas – As we already reported, Arlington police officers responded at the Pioneer Parkway on Wednesday after they were dispatched there following a 911 call in regards to a drunken driver.

What should have been regular police check on the driver, ended up as a fatal incident for the SUV driver who allegedly tried to run over the officers while they were trying to stop him.

According to the police protocols, in most cases officers are not supposed to put themselves in the path of a vehicle where deadly force is the likely outcome and they’re not supposed to shoot at moving vehicles, which was the case on Wednesday.

According to the police report and the body-cam footage, the officers who responded at the scene tried to stop the driver twice, but their third attempt was fatal for the driver.

From what was written in the incident report and seen on the body-cam footage, in officers’ third attempt to stop the driver, he made a U-turn and started driving toward one of the officers who had gotten out of his vehicle.

Fearing for his life, the officer fired several bullets hitting the driver and leaving him seriously injured. While they were waiting for the EMS crews to arrive, officers helped him at the scene. The driver was transferred to hospital for treatment where he later died.

The Arlington police chief revealed the body-cam footage on Friday and he announced that the officer who shot the driver on Wednesday was fired. The police chief called his decision a matter of transparency.

The chief suggested the officer could have taken other actions with the driver, who ignored multiple commands to stop or surrender during the pursuit.

Police chief also revealed the identity of the driver on Friday. He was identified as the 40-year-old Jesse Fischer of Addison. As far as the criminal investigation, the officer has not been charged with anything.

The officer who shot Fischer was identified as Robert Phillips and he has been with the department for more than seven years.

“I’m going to tell you I didn’t take this decision lightly. It was very tough for me,” Chief Jones said.

The Arlington Police Association released a statement saying, “they are handing down judgments without giving time for a complete investigation. The department needs to allow the total investigation to be done and all the facts to be reviewed before taking such punitive action against the officer.”

There was a second officer on the scene who did not fire their weapon. Chief Jones isn’t releasing this officer’s identity. This second officer is on paid administrative leave. contributed to this report.

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