Texas State Senator: Property Tax Relief Affordable for Present and Future

Texas Property Tax Relief Bill Approved by Voters, Sen. Paul Bettencourt Discusses Fourth Special Session

Austin, Texas – In a resounding victory for Texas homeowners, voters have overwhelmingly approved Proposition 4, paving the way for significant property tax relief. The constitutional amendment raises the homestead exemption and lowers the school district property tax section on homeowners’ bills. As a result, the state will allocate $7.1 billion annually to compensate for the lost revenue.

State Senator Paul Bettencourt, a prominent advocate for property tax relief, played a crucial role in the passage of Proposition 4. He asserts that the state can bear the financial burden and emphasizes the constitutional nature of the amendment, leaving no alternative. “We’ve carefully considered sustainability and the impact on taxpayers, and we can achieve both objectives. Thus, rest assured, the funds are available,” Bettencourt stated on Inside Texas Politics. “The voters have approved it, cementing the $100,000 homestead exemption into the constitution. We are fully committed to fulfilling our promises.”

Remarkably, lawmakers are currently reconvening in Austin for the fourth special session of the year, an unprecedented occurrence alongside a regular session. Senator Bettencourt acknowledges the challenges of reaching consensus in the current political climate. “In this frothy political environment that permeates the entire country, not just Texas, it takes time to navigate through diverse opinions,” he explained.

Given the acrimonious relationship between the Texas House and Senate throughout 2023, the fourth special session is expected to be as arduous as its predecessors. However, Bettencourt remains optimistic about the potential for reconciliation between the chambers, highlighting the importance of enacting effective public policies. “Texas is a vast state, the largest Republican stronghold in the nation. We have a multitude of strong personalities. There is room for all of this when we prioritize the people’s business, as we did with property tax relief,” he emphasized. “When genuine actions are taken to benefit real people, it not only constitutes the best public policy but also serves as the most effective political strategy, at least in my opinion.”

Looking ahead, if a fifth special session is called for, Senator Bettencourt advocates for scheduling it in the spring, citing personal commitments and the approaching holiday season. “My honey-do list keeps growing, and with the holidays upon us, it would be ideal to convene in the spring,” he lightheartedly remarked.

The approval of Proposition 4 marks a significant milestone in Texas’ efforts to alleviate the burden of property taxes on homeowners. With Senator Paul Bettencourt at the forefront, the state aims to deliver on its commitment to providing substantial relief while navigating the challenging landscape of contemporary politics.

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