Texas secessionists gain unprecedented confidence

TEXIT Supporters Rally for Independence at Texas Nationalist Movement Conference

WACO, Texas – The Texas Nationalist Movement held its first conference at the Waco Convention Center over the weekend, drawing around 100 individuals who are fervent supporters of the TEXIT movement. TEXIT, as they call it, advocates for the secession of Texas from the United States. The event featured speeches from prominent figures, including state Senator Bob Hall, and supporters celebrated the movement’s progress towards their goal.

Claver Kamau-Imani, a Houston-based preacher, passionately outlined his vision of an independent Texas during his speech. He envisioned a state free from taxes, regulations, and liberal ideologies. Kamau-Imani also emphasized the desire for a separate currency, stock market, and gold depository, as well as complete control over immigration policies. He rallied the crowd with chants of becoming wealthy and claimed that Texas’ personal GDP would double within the next five to seven years.

Supporters of the TEXIT movement expressed their optimism and energy, pointing to the growing support they have received from current and former lawmakers. Despite skepticism from experts, the movement has gained traction, with the Texas Nationalist Movement having over 210,000 followers on Facebook. Furthermore, several Texas GOP figures have either endorsed the movement or shown interest in its ideas.

The recent conference also coincided with an announcement from the Texas Nationalist Movement that they were halfway to gathering the required 100,000 signatures for a non-binding secession referendum to be included on the Texas Republican primary ballot. Although they may not meet the December 1 deadline, supporters viewed this milestone as a significant step forward.

The push for an independent Texas is not a new concept. The Republic of Texas, a group that argued the state was never legally admitted into the United States, gained attention in the 1990s. However, the movement ultimately culminated in a weeklong standoff in 1997, when police confronted a secessionist leader who had taken hostages. Despite the challenges faced in the past, Daniel Miller, the founder of the Texas Nationalist Movement, has continued to advocate for a peaceful secession, citing Texas’ unique culture, history, and political philosophies.

While experts have dismissed the movement as illegal and economically catastrophic, supporters remain undeterred. They believe that growing political polarization and a lack of trust in American institutions have fueled their cause. Right-wing groups and conservative primary challengers to Governor Greg Abbott have shown support for the movement, and the Texas Nationalist Movement has garnered endorsements from various officeholders and candidates.

The recent TEXIT conference featured discussions on topics such as securing Texas’ elections and power grid, as well as the proposal to put a secession referendum to voters. Prominent figures like Senator Bob Hall and former state representative Kyle Biedermann spoke at the event, affirming their commitment to preserving Texas’ culture and engaging in bipartisan discussions about the possibility of leaving the United States.

Despite opposition from some Republicans, the TEXIT movement continues to gain momentum. Attendees at the conference expressed enthusiasm for an independent Texas, attending panels on various topics related to the cause. They listened intently to speeches about the dangers of socialism and expressed concerns about certain federal agencies. Overall, supporters remain optimistic and determined, believing that the dream of an independent Texas is within reach.

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