Texas Representative Proposes Mandatory Connection to National Power Grids

Texas Congressman Greg Casar has suggested that Texas should connect its power grid to the rest of the nation in order to address the ongoing energy crisis. Casar made these comments during an interview on the Inside Texas Politics show, as the state continues to experience extreme temperatures and strained power grids.

Casar argued that Texas’ current situation, where it is unable to receive help from other states during times of need and cannot sell power to them when they require it, is nonsensical. He believes that connecting the state’s grid to the national grids is crucial for ensuring a reliable and stable power supply.

To address this issue, Casar is working on legislation that would mandate the connection of Texas’ grid to the national grids. He emphasized that this is a larger issue that goes beyond the blame game between renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

The Congressman also drew attention to the recent winter storm Uri, which severely impacted the power grid earlier this year. He highlighted that certain areas in Texas that were connected nationally did not experience mass blackouts because they were able to obtain power from neighboring regions. This serves as evidence for the benefits of grid interconnection.

In addition to addressing the energy crisis, Casar is calling for a federal investigation into heat-related conditions in prisons across the country, with a particular focus on Texas. He and 13 other Democrats on the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability signed a letter requesting this investigation. Casar expressed concern about the lack of air conditioning in about 70% of Texas prisons, highlighting that both inmates and guards have to endure the oppressive heat.

Casar asserts that funding should be allocated to install air conditioning in prisons, as the current conditions violate constitutional principles and amount to cruel and unusual punishment. He shared stories of prisoners resorting to extreme measures, such as putting their bed sheets in toilets to cool off, demonstrating the urgent need for change.

As the discussion around Texas’ power grid and prison conditions continues, Casar’s proposed legislation and call for a federal investigation have sparked important debates and conversations regarding the state’s infrastructure and the well-being of those within the criminal justice system.

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