Texas Rangers join investigation into missing San Antonio woman

The family of Bianca Carrasco is fervently seeking answers regarding her mysterious disappearance in May of 2016. Despite the emotional and traumatic toll her vanishing has taken on them, they remain steadfast in their pursuit of the truth. Jovanna Burney, Bianca’s sister, firmly believes that there are individuals who possess vital information about what happened to her sibling, yet inexplicably choose to remain silent.

In an interview, Burney expressed her unwavering determination to ensure justice for Bianca and answers for her three children. She declared, “She will have justice, her kids will have answers. There’s a lot of hope there.” This unwavering hope and resilience fuel the family’s relentless efforts to uncover the truth.

The last known sighting of Carrasco occurred on May 1st, 2016, as she departed her residence near 1604, located off Walnut Creek Drive in San Antonio. According to Burney, Carrasco reportedly left her home that night after an argument with her husband escalated. Burney added, “Her husband says they got into an argument and that it got heated, and she started walking away and he left too.”

However, Burney finds inconsistencies in the events surrounding that fateful night. She firmly believes that her sister would never abandon her children, belongings, and vehicle to disappear on foot. Both the San Antonio Police Department and Burney acknowledge that Bianca’s marriage had its share of difficulties, further deepening the mystery surrounding her vanishing. Burney’s profound sense of loss has left her with numerous unanswered questions.

After seven long years of relentless pursuit, the family’s hopes have been reignited with the Texas Rangers’ involvement in the investigation. In addition to their assistance, Odessa Crime Stoppers, where Bianca grew up, has also offered their support. The family plans to erect billboards from San Antonio to Odessa, aiming to raise awareness and gather potential leads.

As Burney continues her quest for the truth, she appeals to anyone who may possess information regarding Bianca’s disappearance, urging them to come forward. She emphatically states, “I want anyone who listens to me or sees this to know that she did not walk away, and I will not stop looking for her. So it’s best to speak up.”

Authorities encourage anyone with knowledge pertaining to Bianca Carrasco’s disappearance to contact the San Antonio Police Department at 210-207-7660. By joining forces and sharing critical information, the hope of shedding light on this perplexing case grows stronger.

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