Texas man with long criminal history gets the longest prison time for role in January’s Capitol riot

Dallas, Texas – Dallas’s man has been sentenced for involvement in the January’s Capitol riot and he got the longest prison time yet for the incident.

According to multiple reports, 5-year-old Troy Smocks will spend 14 months in prison for his involvement in the Capitol events.

Although Smocks claimed that he never actually went into the Capitol building on January 6, he pleaded guilty to other charges last month in federal court.

According to the court reports, he was sentenced for posting threats against Democrats and others on social media that day.

Smocks is well-known offender to the local police with a long criminal history.

He has been arrested and charged for numerous cases in the past years. He had also been convicted for fraud and impersonating members of the military or police.

Police said that Smocks was arrested at the moment when he was trying to board a plane and leave the country

texasstandard.news contributed to this report.

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