Teen ordered detained in mother’s shotgun death, next hearing scheduled for July

A 16-year-old adolescent charged with the tragic shooting and subsequent death of his mother, 37-year-old Luz Aurora Gonzalez, with a shotgun on Delgado Street, made his initial appearance in court on Thursday. The teenager, who had reportedly experienced hallucinations in the past and had a history of mental health issues, had been without access to medication for an extended period of time.

In a somber courtroom scene, the grandmother and a few siblings were among the first to arrive at Judge Cruz Shaw’s court, followed by a multitude of other relatives and neighbors, all seeking to have their voices heard in this distressing matter. The atmosphere turned heavy with emotion as the teen, a stocky, curly-haired figure, entered the courtroom in restraints, causing the grandmother to break into quiet sobs.

During the proceedings, Judge Shaw informed the teenager that based on the police reports he had reviewed, there was sufficient probable cause to proceed with a detention hearing. A juvenile probation representative disclosed that this was the teen’s first referral to the department and revealed the father’s efforts to gain full custody, citing the teen’s past struggles with hallucinations and mental health issues.

Considering the potential presence of drugs in the household where the teenager resided, both probation and the prosecutor’s office urged the judge to order the teen’s continued detention, emphasizing the severity of the situation. The prosecutor underscored the gravity of the case, pointing out the use of a weapon resulting in a fatality and expressing concerns about the teen’s safety and that of others.

The teenager’s defense attorney, acknowledging the limited time to review the case, pledged to explore alternative placement options before the next court appearance in ten days. Through an interpreter, the teen’s father acknowledged the wrongdoing but also alluded to underlying circumstances, including a court order restricting the mother’s contact with the children. Despite the judge’s prompting, the teen remained silent, prompting Shaw to schedule the next detention hearing for July 3.

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