Teacher in Delray Beach has Christmas presents stolen from porch

Delray Beach Police Department Seeks Assistance in Locating Package Thief

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — The Delray Beach Police Department is reaching out to the public for help in identifying a man who brazenly stole packages from a woman’s porch on Tuesday afternoon. The victim, Keyanna Evans, is a dedicated second-grade school teacher at Village Academy. The stolen packages contained Christmas presents intended for two young boys. Evans, shocked and dismayed by the incident, shared video footage captured by her doorbell cameras, revealing the thief attempting to conceal his identity by using a shirt to partially cover his face.

Evans expressed her frustration, stating, “While I’m diligently working, I find myself being burglarized. This unfortunate incident occurred right in the middle of a parent-teacher conference. Once the conference concluded, I glanced at my phone, and my eyes grew wide with disbelief.”

According to the video evidence, the thief can be seen repeatedly passing by Evans’ residence before brazenly snatching two packages from her front porch. Evans conveyed her emotional distress, saying, “It was an overwhelming sense of devastation and violation. My home, my privacy, and the items intended for my children were all invaded. It left me feeling uninspired and disheartened.”

In an effort to determine the exact contents of the stolen packages, Evans has been meticulously reviewing her emails. She finds it particularly vexing to comprehend the rationale behind such thefts. Shockingly, research conducted by the reputable group SafeWise estimates that a staggering 113 million packages were stolen in 2022 alone.

To prevent such incidents, the Florida Attorney General’s office advises individuals to schedule deliveries when someone is present, consider asking a neighbor to receive packages, require a signature for delivery confirmation, and install security cameras as a deterrent.

Regrettably, even the presence of security cameras failed to discourage the audacious thief from targeting Evans’ porch. Now, she faces the difficult task of explaining the situation to her 13-year-old son, who witnessed her distress. Overwhelmed with emotion, Evans tearfully recounted, “I was crying, and my perceptive son immediately sensed something was wrong. He came home and asked, ‘What’s wrong, Mom?’ It was written all over my face, and my body trembled with anxiety.”

The video footage captured the thief wearing a shirt bearing the logo of a local roofing company. WPTV, the news outlet covering the incident, contacted the owner of the roofing company. Surprisingly, the owner stated that she did not recognize the suspect and mentioned that they often donate their company shirts to the homeless population.

The Delray Beach Police Department is urging anyone with information regarding the identity of the package thief to come forward and assist in their investigation. By working together, the community can help ensure that justice is served, and individuals like Keyanna Evans can find solace, knowing that their safety and security are a priority.

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