Taylor Council Approves New Special Events Policy Amid Parade Controversy

Taylor city council meeting on Thursday night was filled with controversy as Ordinance 2023-14 was brought to the agenda, causing numerous discomfort among the Taylor residents present in the council meeting room. The ordinance was presented following the City of Taylor’s decision to hold two different Christmas parades in 2022. One parade was organized by the city, and the Taylor Area Ministerial Alliance (TAMA) hosted the other. TAMA has been responsible for hosting the city’s Christmas parade for years.

However, the City of Taylor found itself at the center of the controversy when the LGBTQ+ community was excluded from last year’s annual parade. To make amends, the city allowed two parades to be held to include all groups, prompting the presentation of Ordinance 2023-14.

The controversy surrounding the ordinance has led to protests from both sides of the community. On the one hand, supporters of the LGBTQ+ community argue that the ordinance is necessary to protect their right to participate in public events like the Christmas parade. On the other hand, some residents argue that the ordinance is a violation of their rights to religious freedom and tradition.

At a previous meeting, some Taylor residents sided with the council regarding the ordinance. They expressed gratitude to the council for recognizing the importance of inclusivity and the protection of the rights of the LGBTQ+ community in the city.

Despite this, opposition to the ordinance remains strong. Some residents believe that the proposed event guideline is a ‘War on Christmas’. Others claim that the ordinance is an attempt to justify the inclusion of sexually oriented drag performances in a family-friendly event.

During the council meeting, a Taylor resident pointed out the apparent irony of the proposed ordinance. They claimed that the council was attempting to justify the inclusion of drag performances, which are now illegal, in a public and family-friendly Christmas parade.

Overall, the debate surrounding Ordinance 2023-14 remains intense, with supporters on both sides passionately arguing their positions. Despite the controversy, the Taylor City Council remains committed to finding a resolution that ensures the protection of the rights of every resident in the City of Taylor.

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