SUV Crashes into Adelita Tamales, Ignites Blaze; Staff Claims Heroic Rescue

A remarkable incident occurred at a north-side business in San Antonio, as captured by surveillance video. In the footage, a vehicle forcefully collides with the establishment, causing a fire to erupt. The swift response of the workers is evident as they swiftly attempt to extinguish the flames, displaying their bravery and dedication.

The affected business, Adelita Tamales & Tortilla, is renowned as one of the oldest family-owned Mexican food factories in the city. Unfortunately, their operations were momentarily halted due to the weekend fire, which necessitated an immediate closure of the premises.

The surveillance video displays a nerve-wracking scene as workers desperately leap out of harm’s way when an SUV mercilessly crashes through a wall on Saturday morning. The vehicle then proceeds to collide with an oven weighing a resounding 6,000 pounds. Anthony Borrego, the General Manager of Adelita Tamales, commented on the impact, stating, “The car’s force pushed the entire machine to the side. One can observe a staff member looking up, likely having heard something. This is noteworthy as our machines are deafeningly loud when operational. The [oven] essentially acted as a barrier, preventing the car from penetrating deeper into the facility.”

Borrego further revealed that the SUV managed to sever a gas line, significantly exacerbating the danger and increasing the urgency of the situation. The surveillance footage showcases workers hastily racing to shut off the gas supply, with one woman quickly grasping a fire extinguisher as the building fills with choking smoke. Borrego commended the staff’s rapid response, affirming that they valiantly doused the flames and prevented further catastrophe.

Regrettably, the fire has brought almost a century of production at Adelita Tamales to an abrupt halt. Borrego anticipates that the necessary repairs will consume approximately one week to complete. The timing of this incident is particularly unfortunate, as the business was gearing up for its busiest season of the year, serving an extensive clientele throughout the holiday period.

Borrego acknowledges the potential severity of the situation, expressing his gratitude that no individuals sustained injuries during the alarming incident. He praises the swift intervention of the staff members, emphasizing that their prompt action shielded the building from being engulfed by the fire.

The San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) has initiated an investigation into the crash and its circumstances. As of now, no charges have been filed against the driver responsible for the unsettling event. The inquiry aims to shed light on the series of events and provide clarity surrounding the unfortunate incident.

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