Suspension for the Dallas police officer who opened fire at unarmed man in the early September incident

Dallas, Texas – One Dallas police officer was suspended for the September 8 incident when he opened fire at unarmed man, police say.

According to the internal investigators, the man will be suspended in the next 45 days.

The incident happened Rustown Drive when multiple officers were dispatched at the scene after several 911 calls reporting that several people were drinking and shooting with a gun in the area.

When police arrived, officer Brandon Grisham drew his gun and began commands at a man.

From what can be seen from the body camera, the officer fired one shot to the man who was unarmed when the shooting occurred.

Luckily, the bullet missed the target and no one was injured in the incident.

Once more details are available regarding the case, we will update the story. Stay with us. contributed to this report.

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