Suspected burglars armed while targeting unlocked car doors

Residents in a neighborhood on the northwest side of San Antonio have been capturing suspected car burglars on camera night after night. The criminals, who are often armed, have become a constant threat to the community. One brave neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous for his own safety, recently caught a trio of criminals in the act.

The incident occurred on Saturday, just minutes after midnight, in a neighborhood off Braun and Tezel Road. The neighbor noticed a car pulling up across the street with its lights off, which immediately raised his suspicions. He observed two individuals exiting the vehicle and attempting to open car doors in the area.

Determined to stop the criminal activity, the neighbor shouted at the burglars to cease their actions. However, he never anticipated the dangerous turn of events that followed. In response to being startled, the criminals fired at the neighbor, narrowly missing him. Two bullets struck a nearby tree, while one pierced the neighbor’s garage wall.

Despite the harrowing experience, the neighbor managed to take cover between two vehicles, avoiding any further gunfire. The suspects, unaware that they were headed towards a dead-end, drove past the neighbor’s home once again. Fortunately, no additional shots were fired.

In a separate incident, another trio of suspected criminals was captured on surveillance video in the Parkwood neighborhood off Prue Road. Ben Bush, a resident in the area, stated that this attempted burglary occurred almost exactly one year after a similar incident in his driveway. He expressed disbelief at the audacity of the criminals, noting that their actions were “too over the top.”

While no items were stolen from the vehicles, the neighbor who was shot at still faces the burden of repairing the bullet hole in his garage, amounting to a costly $2,000 bill. The San Antonio Police Department is currently investigating these series of break-ins and attempted break-ins, urging anyone with information to come forward.

In conclusion, the relentless presence of armed car burglars in this San Antonio neighborhood has left residents on high alert. Their brazen actions have put innocent lives at risk, prompting the community to take measures to protect themselves and their properties. As the investigation continues, residents hope for swift justice and an end to the wave of criminal activity plaguing their neighborhood.

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